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 About Omnislash

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About Omnislash Yurnero
Omnislash is Yurnero's ultimate skill. It is one of the best finisher skills in my opinion. You can read the description of the skill in the game itself. I'm here to mention the useful points not described in the game.
About Omnislash Omnislash

- The first slash has a ministun.
- The cooldown between slashes is 0.4 seconds.
- Omnislash works by teleporting Yurnero to a certain enemy unit around every 0.4 seconds, playing Yurnero's attack animation (the animation of attack, not Attack Animation), and dealing the slash damage by trigger. This means if enemy gets into fog of war somehow then omnislash would stop!
- The search range of each teleport is 450. This means that if an enemy manages to blink/instantly move greater than 450 range, the next slash would not bounce on him which may eventually stop omnislash if no bounceable unit is present in range.
- Each slash deals 150 - 250 Normal Hero damage which is reduced by the target's Armor and is blocked by Stout Shield, Vanguard and Kraken Shell, but not Magic Immunity.
- Linken's Sphere blocks the ministun on the first slash. The damage from the first slash would still be dealt and the other slashes would still occur.
- During an Omnislash period, Yurnero is Invulnerable and Unselectable (if you selected him, a trigger would make you instantly unselect him).
- With enough IAS, Yurnero can 'extra' attack while Omnislashing. If the attack cooldown is short enough so that right before Yurnero is teleported to another unit, he can finish an attack, then this will count as an extra attack (dealing Yurnero's true damage, and applying Orb Effects, Bash and Critical Strike if any). These "extra" attacks can be evaded but not the actual slashes of the skill.
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About Omnislash
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