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 Dota 6.60 - Dota Allstars v6.60 will Update Icefrog !

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PostSubject: Dota 6.60 - Dota Allstars v6.60 will Update Icefrog !   Sat May 23, 2009 1:45 pm

DotA Allstars 6.60.w3x - Icefrog will added new game mode and new item from previous talked for new dota 6.60 hero Tauren Chieftain, if you have any information more about leaked map or beta map dotA 6.60 you can joined any forums for discussion and share

here is a Icefrog saying :

"While I'm posting this, I'll give a brief update regarding the next version because many people have been emailing asking about it. I've had lots of hardware problems in the past few weeks that have slowed development, but I got everything back to normal now.

The next version still has a bit more to go before it is ready, but I'll give a rough summary of what I hope to release in it. It will have at least 1 new hero, many hero remakes (mostly partial remakes not complete revamps like the recent ones), some functional improvements to existing Items, Hero balance changes and a new mode or two. There is a chance that a new Item will make it through to the final version as well, but it's hard to say with any certainty."

So Icefrog ? when you will release Dota Allstars v6.60.w3x
dota Allstars game fans have been waiting in the world

Sumber: http://maps-dota.blogspot.com/2009/03/dota-660-dota-allstars-v660-will-update.html
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Dota 6.60 - Dota Allstars v6.60 will Update Icefrog !
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