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 Guide Sladar

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PostSubject: Guide Sladar   Fri May 22, 2009 9:40 pm

The mighty king of the Naga Race, Slardar was awoken from the depths of after the invasion of the burning legion. Finding the world consumed by chaos, he found it a perfect opportunity to strike down the hated Night Elves. Allying with the scourge Slardar uses his immense strenght and power to stun and crush his enemies, and his mighty trident can cleave the strongest armoUr with ease.

Initial HP: 549
Initial Mana: 195
Initial Armour: 4.4
Initial Damage: 51-59

- High initial stats except for mana pool......

Strength gain per level: 2.8 - Not impressive for a Strength based hero
Agility gain per level: 1.9 - Good
Intelligence gain per level: 1.5 - Well, ok......

Before I go on with the skills and the item build I will try to summarize where lies the strenght of Slardar. As a general rule Slardar is a hero which true potential lies in mid and late game and happens to get focused fired a lot because enemies know that they will get owned into the ground if they do not. If you did well early on, did not die, farmed well or even scored a kill and if you obtained the core items, the game is half won for you. The most difficult part for Slardar is early game, later on Slithereen guard is one unstoppable beast if you use him correctly and I tried to explain this as clearly and consice as I could in this guide. Do not expect to get 1 000 000 : 0 with Slardar. Slithereen Guard is first - an initiator ( gang and battle ) and second - a tank which means you will hardly get kills ( if any ) and will die a lot because you will get focus fired most of the time.


IPB Image Sprint

Slardar increases his movement speed dramatically, but takes 20% bonus damage.
Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 1 - Increases speed by 10%.
Level 2 - Increases speed by 20%.
Level 3 - Increases speed by 30%.
Level 4 - Increases speed by 40%.

Cooldown: 45 seconds.

One very controversial skill and a double-edged sword. This is the reason why some Slardar players feed so much. The bonus damage taken ruins this skill. Even the movespeed buff for 50 mana can not compensate this. It may rapes public games, against decent players it is a suicide. If you practice the essential tactics for Slardar you will not need this skill for any purpose. I happen to see many players getting Sprint and MoM which does not stack since they are based off of Berserk active skill. Do not make me cry, you could not choose a worse item for Slardar than MoM, really. If I am to choose between Mask of Madness and Sprint I will take Sprint. Always.

IPB Image Slithereen Crush

Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units. Slows enemy units by 20% for 2 seconds afterwards. 350 AOE

Level 1 - 50 damage, 1 second stun.
Level 2 - 75 damage, 1.5 second stun.
Level 3 - 100 damage, 2 second stun.
Level 4 - 150 damage, 2.5 second stun.

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

The infamous stun of Slardar. The damage is not spectacular but the cooldown is amazing and the AOE of this skill is bigger than the AOE of any other War Stomp based skill ( Hoof Stomp from Centaur Warchief - 305 AOE).

IPB Image Bash

Gives a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and stun an opponent for 1 second.

Level 1 - 10% chance per attack, 50 bonus damage if Bash occurs on that attack.
Level 2 - 15% chance per attack, 60 bonus damage if Bash occurs on that attack.
Level 3 - 20% chance per attack, 70 bonus damage if Bash occurs on that attack.
Level 4 - 25% chance per attack, 80 bonus damage if Bash occurs on that attack.

This is ,well,......Bash and it is always a good thing to have when you chase or fight. This and Amplify Damage make Slardar a potent fighter. Deals 80 bonus damage at level 4. Too bad melee bashes deal magic damage, imagine how good it would be if the Bash from Slardar dealt physical damage......The stun duration will not be negated by magic immunity. However the bonus damage will not be dealt......

IPB Image Amplify Damage

Amplifies physical damage against enemy units by reducing their armor.

Level 1 - 5 armor penalty.
Level 2 - 10 armor penalty.
Level 3 - 15 armor penalty.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

This skill is based on Faerie Fire from ladder, even the icon is the same ( how come a jelly finger creature like Slardar got hands? ). It greatly increases your physical damage potential. -15 Armour decreases the EHP of your enemies by 90% of their MHP. Gives vision of irritating heroes like Stealth Assassin and Bone Fletcher and better damage potential which can only be compared to that of rough DPS heroes. It also costs 25 mana, has 10 seconds cooldown and your allies benefit from it. Did I hear ImBAaa?.

Skill Build:

Level 1 - Slithereen Crush
Level 2 - Stats
Level 3 - Slithereen Crush
Level 4 - Stats
Level 5 - Slithereen Crush
Level 6 - Amplify Damage
Level 7 - Slithereen Crush
Level 8 - Stats
Level 9 - Stats
Level 10 - Stats
Level 11 - Amplify Damage
Level 12 - Bash
Level 13 - Bash
Level 14 - Bash
Level 15 - Bash
Level 16 - Amplify Damage
Level 17-20 - Sprint
Level 21-25 - Stats

Any particular and adequate reason why you skip Bash?

Well, before you hit "Add Reply" let me tell you why do I get Stats instead of Bash. First, Slardar happens to have one of the worst early games ever because the hero gets harrassed too much. Second Slardar is melee and does not have items to assist the placing of Slithereen Crush early on. Third, Slardar also runs out of mana easily especially if you have problems landing stomps efficiently ( which happens quite often if you do not have experience in using this skill). Stats will help in surviving and in controlling your lane. Most of the time early game you will be last hitting, yes, Bash helps for last hitting but is it really necessary to have it? No, it is not. You will be hardly fighting heroes at that stage of the game and even if you do chances that you score a Bash are low since the best you can get after a Slithereen Crush is 3 hits on the enemy which, combined with the low attack speed early is not enough. It would be better if you have more mana for a Slithereen Crush and HP to endure range harrass - something that hurts Slardar very bad. Stats will save you the money you would spent for a second Ring of Regeneration or Ring of Health in case you leveled up Bash in favour of Attribute Bonus. Which drives you away from silly items like Vanguard. Which is good.

Mao lbh lengkapnya buka link dibawah ini:
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Guide Sladar
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