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 Guide Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver

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Guide Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver Empty
PostSubject: Guide Anub''seran the Nerubian Weaver   Guide Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2009 9:43 pm

1. Basic Information

IPB Image Anub'seran – The Nerubian Weaver
Range: 425 | | Move Speed: 290 | Primary: AGI
Str: 15 + 1.5 | Agi: 14 + 2.5 | Int: 15 + 1.8
Damage: 41 - 51 | HP: 435 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.7 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 1.46 (+ 14% IAS) | Armor: 1

:. Pros:
1. Above average early game(HAPPY NOW???...meanies)
2. Free maphac Observer wards.
3. Really cool ulti

:. Cons:
1. Low-ish range
2. Horrible stat growth
3. Horrible base stats
4. The watchers get wtfowned by Radiance now.

:. Skills:

IPB Image Watchers
Raises an invisible Watcher from a corpse. Watchers do not have truesight, has 1 HP and get wtfpwned by Radiance
Level 1 - 2 maximum.
Level 2 - 4 maximum.
Level 3 - 6 maximum.
Level 4 - 8 maximum.
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 20/15/10/5

Pretty neat skill, gives you the free maphac observer wards that everyone loves so much. Also note that the Watchers can move at 522 MS, giving them a far larger effective vision range than wards have.

Also note that now the Watchers can get hit by spells, which is extremely lame, since it means that they can get hit by Radiance as well.

IPB Image Shukuchi
Nerubian Weaver becomes invisible and has 522 move speed for 4 seconds. Any units passed through will take damage.
Level 1 - 90 damage.
Level 2 - 100 damage.
Level 3 - 110 damage.
Level 4 - 120 damage.
Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 13/ 11/ 9/ 7

A skill that maxes your movespeed, and lets you move from one side of the screen to the other in its duration. Also lets you dodge spells, like I do in my video.

IPB Image Geminate Attack
Occasioanlly the Nerubian Weaver will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice.
Level 1 - 7 second cooldown.
Level 2 - 6 second cooldown
Level 3 - 5 second cooldown
Level 4 - 3.5 second cooldown
Orb effect.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Makes you shoot 2 attacks whenever you attack if the skill isn’t on cool down. Great for harassing and last hitting.

IPB Image Time Lapse
Warps the Weaver 5 Seconds back in time, reseting HP, Mana, and position. Does not effect cooldowns, gold, and XP.
Level 1 - 150 manacost.
Level 2 - 75 manacost.
Level 3 - 0 manacost.
Mana Cost: 150
Cooldown: 120/ 90/ 60

Teleports Weaver to where he was 5 seconds before. A great skill to use in the middle of a fight for mana/hp boost, also can be used after Shukuchi is over to send you back where you started Shukuchi.

2. Skill build

1. Shukuchi
2. Geminate Attack
3. Shukuchi
4. Watchers
5. Shukuchi
6. Time Lapse
7. Shukuchi
8. Stats
9. Stats
10. Geminate Attack
11. Time Lapse
12. Geminate Attack
13. Geminate Attack
14. Watchers
15. Stats
16. Time Lapse
17. Stats
18. Watchers
19+. Watchers

I get Shukuchi at level one just incase the opponent does some sort of lame 3 man gank strategy on your lane.

Geminate attack to help with last hitting and harassing at early levels. Maxed at level 13, since that is around the time you should be able to get Radiance if you’re doing good(Or SR if your doing not so good), so the dps bonus will be more helpful then.

Shukuchi to help with harassing, I have it maxed at 7 so you can easy escape and harass with this skill.

A level of Watchers are gotten at level 4 so that your team won't have spend money on early observer wards. Feel free to replace it with stats if you think your team isn't worth the time.

Watchers are gotten in mid game, since that is when map control & map awareness is most important. Stats and Watchers are gotten at alternative levels since Stats are very important to Weaver cause Weaver has shit stats.

Mao lbh jelasnya buka link dibawah ini:
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Guide Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver
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