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 Guide Leshrac the Tourmented Soul

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PostSubject: Guide Leshrac the Tourmented Soul   Guide Leshrac the Tourmented Soul Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2009 9:54 pm

Leshrac was a very underrated and underused hero in version 6.37, so IceFrog decided to give him a buff to allow him to see more play. IceFrog gave Leshrac various buffs, which has turned him into one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Here are the changes made to Leshrac in the recent versions:

* Increased base strength from 14 to 16 resulting in an increase of health from 416 to 454.
* Reduced the cooldown on Lightning Storm to 5 seconds.
* Damage of Lightning Storm doesn't get reduced from bounces.

After the recent buffs to Leshrac, I have decided on taking the duty of writing a guide on this very powerful hero.

I know that thisisBob has already written a very descriptive guide on the new Leshrac, but my guide will be discussing a different strategy. His guide focuses mainly on Leshrac being in a dual-lane, but my guide will focus on Leshrac as a solo hero instead. Because my guide focuses on Leshrac as a solo hero, I have given him a new title, The Tormenting Solo.

Leshrac does wonderfully in a dual-lane, and the famous Sand King / Leshrac rapes face in league games. However, my guide isn't focused on league games, but instead on inhouse games (TDA/DXD) where the modes aren't -LM or -TP, but rather things like -RD and -AR. In these situations, where most of the great solo heroes aren't present, Leshrac does wonderfully in the solo lane.

I think that he is one of the strongest solo heroes in the game. He is probably up there with Viper, Visage, and Warlock.

In this guide, I will provide you with the build that I think is the strongest for Leshrac in inhouse games. I will keep this guide as concise as possible, and leave out all the useless information a guide doesn’t need. Without further to do, let’s get to my guide.

I. Leshrac, The Tormented Soul

Stat Overview

All of Leshrac’s stats and skill descriptions can be found here.

Note:: In Leshrac’s picture, the database shows that he has 14 base strength and 416 health, but this information is outdated. As of 6.41, he now starts off with 16 base strength and 454 health.

Basically, he has a great Intelligence growth of 3.0 (7th highest in the game) and mediocre Strength/Agility growths at 1.5/1.7 respectively. All of his skills deal AoE damage, but they cost a lot of mana. My guide will address all of these problems.

Skill Overview

Lightning Storm

Leshrac's strongest and most dangerous ability. Recent buffs have given it a 5 second cooldown without reduced damage on bounces. Ridiculously easy to farm and harrass with at the same time.

In a solo lane, this is Leshrac's only ability combined with Stats.

Split Earth

This is a very useful ability in a dual-lane early game combined with another stunner, but in a solo lane, it is fairly useless. It is very difficult to aim without the help of another disable against good players.

However, in middle game during team fights and ganks, this ability does wonders. This ability will be maxed in middle game.

Diabolic Edict

Fairly useless early game, especially in a solo lane. You don't want to be running around at melee range. You are a very fragile hero with low hp, and all it takes is a disable and a couple attacks to kill you early game, so why would you want to get close to deal damage with this? Lightning Storm allows you to deal damage from a safe distance.

Middle/Late game, this becomes a better skill as it helps push and you have the health to run around at melee range.

Pulse Nova

Extremly powerful AoE ultimate if you get the health to withstand focus fire and let this go off for long enough. Useless at level 6, for the same reason as Diabolic Edict, you don't want to run around at melee range. Also costs ridiculous mana at that level, something you can't handle. You can begin pumping this at middle game.

II. Skill Build

Like I stated in my introduction, my guide will focus on Leshrac as a solo hero.

Skill List

1. Stats
2. Lightning Storm
3. Lightning Storm
4. Stats
5. Lightning Storm
6. Stats
7. Lightning Storm
8. Split Earth
9. Split Earth
10. Pulse Nova
11. Pulse Nova
12. Split Earth
13. Split Earth
14. Diabolic Edict
15. Diabolic Edict
16. Pulse Nova
17. Diabolic Edict
18. Diabolic Edict

Skill Explanation

Most of my justification can be found in my Skill Overview section.

Lightning Storm + Stats for early game. Lightning Storm is your primary ability to help you harrass and farm at the same time. Stats help you by giving you much needed health and mana to help spam Lightning Storm more.

Get Split Earth at levels 8/9/12/13. It is a very useful ability middle/late game for team battles, ganking, and escaping.

Take Diabolic Edict at levels 14/15/17/18, which is when pushes usually start and Edict does wonders in these situations.

IV. Strategy

At the start of the game, buy your 4 Branches + 3 Tangos and head off to middle lane and make sure you get solo. Most players will know that Leshrac is a great solo hero and should give it to you. You want middle lane as most other solo heroes go here as well, and it is closer to the secret shop so you can get your Void Stone quicker.

At levels 1 and 2, do the regular stuff you do for all heroes. Don't use Lightning Storm yet, as it is very weak at level 1. Last hit, deny, creep block, and give pot shots to the enemy hero if possible.

Once you hit level 3, the rambo and fun begins. Make sure you have vision of the enemy hero, and once the melee creep all your creeps are attacking gets low enough to die to level 2 Lightning Storm, use it on the creep. This should net you one creep kill and also harrass the enemy hero.

Continue farming and harrassing like this. If the enemy hero is low enough to die to 2 Lightning Storms, and you have enough mana to use it twice, then it's time for you to get a kill. Auto-deny your own creeps, so that the enemy hero pushes towards your side of the river. Once he approaches above your hill, use Lightning, and quickly run ahead and keep up with him. You will probably lose sight of him on the hill due to fog of war, so make sure you don't click on him, but on the ground ahead. Use Lightning again for the kill, and attack if necessary.

If it is night and you don't have vision of the enemy hero above his hill, then ask your teammates to get Observer Wards for you (Usually Pugna or Lich). Place one at the top of the enemy hill, and the other 2 at the rune spots for ganks and runes. With the Observer Ward there, you can harrass them with Lightning more than 1500 range away from the hero. You can stay back at full 600 range, cast Lightning on the melee creep, which will bounce to the ranged creep, then to the hero. The bounces can reach ridiculous distances.

Get your Void Stone as soon as possible. Once you get Void Stone, you will have almost an endless amount of mana to harrass with Lightning.

At level 7, once Lightning is maxed out, you can farm much better and harrass. Once the melee creep is low enough to die to Lightning, use it, and give one more attack to the ranged creep, which should net you 2 creep kills and also damage the enemy hero. Use this tactic as much as you can so you can both farm and gain lane control easily.

Once you get Split Earth, you can use it to help you assist in kills or help you escape ganks. A well placed Split Earth will let you keep up with the enemy heroes when chasing. Split Earth is very difficult to land because it has a slight casting time. If the enemy hero is running, use Split Earth ahead of them so they run right into it. If he is running to the side, time it like Hook and place it accordingly.

You shouldn't be ganking that much, as you need your Aghanims Scepter to deal mad damage in team battles. However, if the enemy hero in your lane is dead or healing, feel free to give ganks to other lanes if necessary.

When ganking, always start with Lightning, then Split Earth, and Lightning again once it is cooled down. If there is a teammate with a disable in the lane you are ganking, the better. They will help you land Split Earth easier.

Don't ever turn of Pulse Nova unless you have alteast Point Booster. Anywhere before that and you are too fragile to do much damage with it.

If there is ever a channeling spell, such as Teleport or Freezing Field, use Split Earth to your advantage to stop it.

For quick farming, turn on Pulse Nova, and run around. Once the melee creeps are low enough to die to Lightning Storm, turn off Pulse Nova and use Lightning Storm for easy gold. Use this tactic when stopping big pushes as well.

Once you get Aghanims, your duty in team battles is to deal as much damage as possible. Start by using Lightning from a distance, and enter the battle after your tank enters. Turn on Pulse Nova and Diabolic Edict, and run around and try to hit as many heroes as possible with Pulse Nova. Use Lightning Storm whenever it is cooldowned. You can do 1 of 3 things with Split Earth: 1) Use it where the heroes are most clustered up, 2) Use it to stop channeling spells, and 3) Help you aid in chasing.

You can also do super pushing. Run ahead of your creep wave, have the entire enemy creep wave surround you, turn on Pulse Nova, and finish the creeps off with Lightning Storm. Keep doing this on every single wave if you need to for super pushing, and you can push faster than Manta-Style-Turbo-Pushing.

When killing towers, stand away from the creeps and use Edict. The range is around 400, so even though there are creeps, you can get all the damage onto the tower without damaging the creeps. Edict deals amazing damage to towers, and if you focus all the damage onto the tower only, it will bring it down extremely quick.

You are also a great backdoorer. If there are no rules against backdooring in your game, feel free to do so. Hide around outside the enemy base, and once the creeps pass by, go into the base and use Edict. With your physical damage and Edict, even base towers will fall extremely quick. If creeps spawn, just use Nova and Lightning to clear them, and if enemies come, teleport away.

Boots of Travel, Aghanims, and Void Stone are your core items. That's all you really need. If you got that Perseverence earlier in the game due to having trouble, finish Linken's. If you didn't, go for a Heart instead. Get Aegis after Heart/Linken's. If there are many disablers on the enemy team, get BKB.

V. Worst Enemies

Heroes with Silence ~ Heroes with Silence can include Silencer, Death Prophet, Drow, and much more. These heroes really piss you off. If they can get a Silence off before you turn on your spells, you are basically useless during that time. Against heroes like Death Prophet and Drow, I would suggest you turn on Edict and Pulse Nova before entering battle. Yeah, you waste mana for Pulse and Edict, but this is better than doing nothing.

Mana Burners ~ Antimage, Nerubian Assassin, Keeper of the Light, etc. fall under this category. Without mana, you can't use your spells. Without spells, you are useless. Antimage can do 2 things to completely own you: 1) He will burn all of your mana, not letting you use your spells. 2) He will wait for you to use all your mana in a team fight, then use Mana Void to 1-hit kill you. Nerubian Assassin is very annoying early game. He will continuously use Mana Burn and you will have no mana to do anything. Against him, I would probably suggest a lane switch. Keeper of the Light's Mana Leak also owns you. You turn on Pulse Nova, and bam all your mana is gone. I wouldn't suggest going into battle until Mana Leak is gone.

VI. Best Allies

Since you are soloing in my guide, there won't be any lane combinations.

Battle Initiators ~ Any tank hero that initiates the battle is a great hero to you. They can draw fire away from you, and you can initiate with them. Theres heroes can include Blink-Leviathan, Blink-Sand King, and Blink-Earthshaker.

Huge AoE Disablers ~ These heroes can include Magnataur, Enigma, Treant, and Leviathan. All of these heroes have AoE disables which will catch multiple enemy heroes in it, and allow you to use Pulse Nova on more heroes for a longer amount of time.

Support Heroes ~ These heroes can include Omniknight, Necrolyte, Dazzle, Chen, Mekansm Holders, etc. They can all support you in some way. Omniknight's Heal will keep you alive longer in battles, his Repel works wonders and will let you use Pulse Nova freely without getting disabled, and Guardian Angel means no physical damage dealt to you. Necrolyte, Chen, and Dazzle all have heals which will keep you alive longer in team battles. Mekansm holders also help you greatly.

Changelog ~

* 2/22/07 ~ Guide complete!
* 2/26/07 ~ Changed skill build. Changed strategy accordingly.
* 3/29/07 ~ Updated guide according to reviews. Added some strategy regarding Edict and pushing towers.

Mao lbh jelas buka link dibawah ini:
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Guide Leshrac the Tourmented Soul
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