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 Guide Broodmother

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PostSubject: Guide Broodmother   Guide Broodmother Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2009 10:03 pm

I. Writer's Foreward

Before I start, I must emphasise that this is an alternative build to Broodmother, an early game pusher brood which becomes a hero-killer lategame. This is my first guide, so my organization on the presentation may not be as good as the regular writers here. Nonetheless, I am trying to improve on it to give everyone a pleasing read.

On top of that, do not take this guide as a god sent strategy template which gurantees ownage when using this Hero. Much of the contents in this guide involves Mechanics on the Hero, selection of Items and their justifications, as well as general strategies in using her abilities. Choosing farming over killing, Pushing over Last Hitting, is all entirely situational. I have also included General Strategies/Concepts which are applicable to all heroes and situations

To be honest, I am not really a big fan of Broodmother. The reason why I chose her is because of the potential she has which most players ignore. It would be easier if I were to write on a hero with a cookie cutter build. This hero is nowhere comparable to League heroes such as Viper, Pugna, Chen, Sand King etc etc.

My Last Say To Dear Readers,
do read through the whole guide. Even if you are not particularly a big fan of Broodmother, there are definitely certain new things/ideas you can pick up along the way.


This guide outlines the concept of Broodmother as an Early Game Pusher Hero.

I would reccommend you to read my Tennis Game Theory prior to reading this guide as it greatly hinges on that concept. The link to the guide :

A common playstyle to Broodmother is to make her into a killing machine, rack as many kills possible early game and utilize the money and XP to outwit your opponents even more. But what happens when opponents tend to stick to towers and play safe? Your invisibility will be close to useless. You will not get kills, and most likely you will end up struggling mid-late game.
Hence, to eliminate this problem, why not take out all the towers first so?
That way, you will be able to strike anytime and anywhere. Your opponents will constantly play in fear, they will think twice before venturing out too far.

That is where the idea of Early-game pushing / Late-game killing comes in.

III. Hero Overview

To put it simply, Broodmother is a weak hero early game. She doesnt have the tanking ability or great disables. She is just another Naix who needs to farm early so as to own late. Thats the common perception of her. Which is not really true.

Strength - 17 + 2.5 (473 base hp;1613 final hp)
Agility (primary) - 18 + 2.2
Intelligence - 18 + 2.0 (234 base mana;858 final mana)
Base attack - 43-50 (1.44 second cooldown)
Base armor - 4.5 (21% damage reduction)
Base hp regeneration - 0.76 hp per second
Base mana regeneration - 0.73 mana per second
Final attack - 96-102 (1.0 second cooldown)
Final armor - 12 (41% damage reduction)
Final hp regeneration - 2.56 hp per second
Final mana regeneration - 2.65 mana per second
Base attack time (BAT) - 1.7
Attack range - 128 (melee)
Movement speed - 315

With a pathetic 17 str for a melee hero, she is better off hiding in the webs. Her overall stats gain per level is commendable however, an impressive 6.7 as compared to the average 6.2 for most heroes. Her attack animation is rather slow and that exposes her a little while longer when she attempts a last hit under her web mkaing you open to harrassment. Her base move speed is an impressive 315! . Considering she spends much of her time under web with 20% movespeed boost, BoT works greatly on her.

Skill Descriptions

IPB Image
Spawn Spiderlings

The Broodmother injects her young into a target, creating immense pain. If the target is killed by the injection, spiderlings will be born.

Level 1 - 75 damage, 1 spiderling. (75 mana cost;10 second cooldown)
Level 2 - 150 damage, 2 spiderlings. (90 mana cost;10 second cooldown)
Level 3 - 225 damage, 3 spiderlings. (105 mana cost;10 second cooldown)
Level 4 - 300 damage, 4 spiderlings. (120 mana cost;10 second cooldown)

Buff Duration: 0.9sec
Range : 700
Spiderlings have 350 HP, 18 - 19 Normal damage, 0 Heavy Armor and last 60 seconds.
Spiderling skills:

Poison sting - Deals 4 damage per second for 2 seconds and slows movement speed by 15%.
Spawn Spiderite (autocast) - Plants a spiderite egg in enemies that lasts around 1 second. If the unit dies while infested, a spiderite is born.
Spiderites have 175 HP, 9 - 10 Normal damage, 0 Heavy Armor and last 60 seconds.

Base Attack Speed : 1.35
Duration : 60sec
Buff Duration : 2sec for Spiderlings only
Xp gained per kill : 12.5 (Lvl 1 creep, half-xp for summon)
Gold gained per kill:
6-8 for Spiderling
2-4 for Spiderrite.

The buff duration is very short, 0.9s therefore you need to be very careful when casting it. It deals full damage to creeps and 0.75 damage to heroes(-25% from spell resistance). A trick ive found is to hit the range creep, necro or talon, once and cast the nuke on him. At level 4 with 300damage, he will die instantly. Also, because of some delay time and travelling speed, try not to aim at creeps with red health because he will die even before the nuke reaches him, hence it will be wasted.
A melee creep killed earns you 62xp. That is equivalent to killing 5 spiders. You wont level up super fast by killing spiders. Same idea to killing them for gold

With 700 range, its a superb targettable nuke. Spider are great for neutral creeping too. Far much better than Furion's treants or even Syllabear's pet. With such low cooldown, you can easily amass a large army. Great for Tower killing too.
In a way, it is a 3 in 1 spell. To fully abuse its potential to the fullest, Arcane Ring is made the 1st item of choice.

IPB Image
Spin Web

Spins a web which grants the Broodmother invisibility in an area, 20% speed bonus, 2 HP/ sec regeneration, and true sight.

Level 1 - 2 allowed webs, 90 second cooldown. (140 mana cost)
Level 2 - 4 allowed webs, 75 second cooldown. (140 mana cost)
Level 3 - 6 allowed webs, 60 second cooldown. (140 mana cost)
Level 4 - 8 allowed webs, 45 second cooldown. (140 mana cost)

Fade Time: 2-3.5 sec
Unfade Time: 4-5.5 sec
Buff duration: 4 sec

The mechanics of this spell is very complicated. But ill try to simplify

Also, Broodmother can take as many as 3.5 seconds before she fades into invisibility:
A trigger checks every 1.5 seconds if Broodmother is under a web. If she is, she's given
Permanent Invisibility with a fadeout time of 2 seconds. If she walks into a web and just
barely misses the last check, she has to wait 1.5 seconds for the next check then another 2
seconds to fade in.

Here, Gradenko basically summarises the mechanics of how web works. A missing information here is that the web generates a buff on Broodmother. You can see the buff as a small icon under the Broodmother potrait. The buff duration is 4sec. The reason why Broodmother can run long distances but still being invisible is because of the buff duration and the trigger explained above.

It is not wise to play a game of chances. Therefore whenever you are planning for a strategy, keep in mind the worst case scenario. In this case, always treat fade time as 3.5s and unfade time 4sec.

IPB Image
Incapacitating Bite

Gives the Broodmother venoms which will greatly reduce the target's ability to function, and deals extra damage.

Level 1 - Gives a 10% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 10%, and adds 2 damage.
Level 2 - Gives a 15% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 20%, and adds 4 damage.
Level 3 - Gives a 20% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 30%, and adds 6 damage.
Level 4 - Gives a 25% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 40%, and adds 8 damage.

Orb effect. Passive.

This skill is what makes the Broodmother a hero-killer. It works great with an ally to help you dish out damage. When chasing heroes, always keep in mind of slopes (don't right right hero, right click on the ground next to him), creeps which can block you, and animation cancelling.

IPB Image
Insatiable Hunger (ultimate)

The Broodmother develops a violent thirst for vital fluids. This lust greatly increases her attack damage and gives her a vampiric attack.
Lasts 20 seconds.

Level 1 - 60 bonus damage, 40% life steal. (100 mana cost;60 second cooldown)
Level 2 - 75 bonus damage, 50% life steal. (100 mana cost;60 second cooldown)
Level 3 - 90 bonus damage, 60% life steal. (100 mana cost;60 second cooldown)

This spell works really well in team fights if you dont get disabled and if you have a high attack speed. That said. Because of the huge damage bonus it provides, Speed items are prefered compared to Damage items. In my build, this spell is mostly used for me to return to full health without going back to base early, while mid/late game it will be used for hero-killing. The added damage, is also nice for hitting towers.

IV. Skills Build

Level 1 : Web
Level 2 : Bite/Spawn
Level 3 : Spawn/Web
Level 4 : Spawn
Level 5 : Spawn
Level 6 : Insatiable Hunger
Level 7 : Spawn
Level 8 : Bite
Level 9 : Bite
Level 10: Bite
Level 11: Insatiable Hunger
Level 12: Web/Bite
Level 13: Web
Level 14: Web
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Insatiable Hunger
Level 17-25: Stats

Skills Explanation
Unlike most other heroes, Broodmother do not require to level up on stats during the early game because she requires to level up her other skills to fully perform her function.

First Skill : Web
This is certainly the wisest first skill to pick. With web, you can greatly enhance you survivabilty during the early minutes of the game. Its 2hp/sec regeneration is very useful as you dont need to spend 375 gold just for that function. The cool thing about web is that it also enhances your last hitting cos you can sit beside the creep without fear of being harrased to time your last hit.
Apart from that, you will lose very minimally in xp deny. It is important to note that there are two kinds of xp deny, one is full deny the other is partial deny.

Additional Information
Denied Creeps : 18xp to range heroes, 16xp to melee heroes
Non-denied Creeps : melee creeps give 62xp, range creeps give 42xp

The above information is for partial deny. A full deny means that you continually harrass a hero till he backs off from the xp gain range which is 1000. A melee hero like broodmother can always be within 1000 range with her web.

2nd Skill : Bite
Especially useful when you have a range ally on your team. A pot-shot on a hero will slow him down. Even a slowed reaction ally can take this opportunity to land a few harrasing shots on the hero. Casters like Zeus will benefit too as he can spam his spells multiple times.


2nd Skill : Spawn
Level up Spawn so that you can learn Web again at Level 3.

3rd Skill : Web
If your lane does not have a ranged ally or a harrasser caster, Web will be a better choice. The best choice to place the additional 2 webs are the Rune Areas in the river. It is imperative to have vision on these area as most early game kills are mostly aided by runes. On top of that, the 4hp Regeneration will increase your survivability even further.


3rd Skill onwards : Spawn Spiderlings
Its time to max out your bread and butter skill. Very useful early game as a hero nuke. But equally useful to amass your spider army for an early tower push. The use of this skill will be explained in detail under Strategy

Insatiable Hunger : Learn this skill as and when you reach level 6, 11, 16

After Spawn has been maxed :
Put a point into Web to Level 2 if you had'nt done already. 4 webs is sufficient for you to play around with. After which max out Bite.

Mao lbh jelasnya buka link dibawah ini:
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Guide Broodmother
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