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 Command Battlenet

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PostSubject: Command Battlenet   Command Battlenet Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 9:38 pm

Command User:

Command: whois, whereis, where.
/whois <player> - looks up some basic information on a user, including their account number and their current location

Command: msg, whisper, m, w.
/msg, /whisper, /m, /w <player> <message> - sends a private message to a user online regardless of the channel they are in

Command: ignore, squelch.
/ignore, /squelch <player> - ignores any future messages from that user effectively muting that user to you

Command: unignore, unsquelch.
/unignore /unsquelch <player> - unignores a user so u can listen to him again

Command: away
/away [<message>] - displays a message that you are away from your keyboard whenever someone whispers to you or does a /whois command on you

Command: dnd
/dnd [<message>] - prevents ALL whispers from displaying to your screen

Command: who
/who <channel> - displays a list of all users in the given channel

Command: stats astat
/stats /astat [<player>] [<gametag>] - displays a player's game record

Command: status users
/status, /users - displays the number of users currently on this server

Command: time
/time - displays the current server time

Command: me
/me <message> - displays emotion text, as in 'tN is rolling on the floor laughing'

Command: kick
/kick <player> - kicks a user out of the channel, you have to be least a Channel Operator or tempOP to use this command

Command: whoami
/whoami - looks up some basic information on yourself, including your account number and your current location

Command: uptime
/uptime - show the amount of time the server has been running

Command: lusers
/lusers - shows list of banned players in this channel

Command: channels, chs.
/channels /chs [all] - displays current channel list

Command: finger
/finger [<player>] - displays information about player

Command: admins
/admins - shows all currently logged in administrators

Command: reply, r.
/reply /r <message> - reply to the last person that whispered to you

Command: copyright warranty license
/copyright /warranty /license - shows the legal information for bnetd

Command: news
/news - show some system-specific news

Command: logout, quit, exit.
/logout /quit /exit - closes your connection to the server

Command: watch
/watch <player> - sends notification when a player logs out or joins a game

Command: unwatch
/unwatch <player> - stops sending notification about a player

Command: gameinfo
/gameinfo [<gamename>] - prints information about a game

Command: ladderinfo
/ladderinfo <rank> [<gameid>] - display ladder info for given rank

Command: timer
/timer [<duration>] [<message>] - send notification after a period of time

Command: chpass
/chpass [<password>] - change a player's password

Command: quota
/quota - displays the channel quota

Command: friends, f.
/friends add <username> - add user to your friends list
/friends del <username> - remove user from your friends list
/friends promote <username> - promote user in your friends list
/friends demote <username> - demote user in your friends list
/friends list - list all users in your friends list
/friends msg <msgtext> - whispers to all your online friends

Command: mail
/mail <command> [<options>] - mail management commands
/mail send <receiver> <message>
/mail read [<index>]
/mail delete {all|<index>}

Command: help
/help - display your command

Command: motd
/motd - display the motd

Command: tos
/tos - shows terms of service once more

Command: clan
/clan public (alias: pub)
Opens the clan channel up to the public so that anyone may enter
/clan private (alias: priv)
Closes the clan channel such that only members of the clan may enter
/clan motd <message>
Update the clan message of the day to message

Command: ping, p, latency.
/ping, /p, /latency - returns your latency to the server
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Command Battlenet
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