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PostSubject: RAIJIN HERO IMBA...!!   RAIJIN HERO IMBA...!! Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2009 10:26 am

Raijin Thunderkeg - Storm Spirit

Range: 500 | Move Speed: 295
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 1.5 | Agi: 22 + 1.8 | Int: 23 + 2.6
Damage: 45 - 55 | HP: 568 | Mana: 299
HP Regen: 0.9 | Mana Regen: 0.93
Attack Speed: 1.45 | Armor: 4
Static Remnant (E)

Raijin creates a remnant of himself containg his essence. The Static Remnant will release its stored energy whenever an enemy unit comes near it. Lasts up to 12 seconds.
Level 1 - 140 Damage.
Level 2 - 180 Damage.
Level 3 - 220 Damage.
Level 4 - 260 Damage.
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 4
Comment: One of the cheapest skills in DotA. At Lvl4 it increases 80% AtkSpd = approximately 4000 Gold ! This skill makes him a terrific DPSer with god-like attack speed.

Electric Vortex (R)
Storm focuses his energy to rip open vortex drawing an enemy to it. This process slows the Storm Spirit down for a brief period.
Level 1 - Pulls 100 units over 1 second.
Level 2 - Pulls 150 units over 1.5 seconds.
Level 3 - Pulls 200 units over 2 seconds.
Level 4 - Pulls 250 units over 2.5 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 20
Comment: Free-600 magical damage = 75 Mana ?! This 'll help to tear apart almost all base Int heroes ! Use this to block some nasty finishing spells like Lion's Finger of Death, Lina's Laguna Blade, Zeus's Thundergod`s Wrath ...

Overload (V)
Storm Spirit becomes overloaded with electrical energy whenever he casts a spell. The charge is released on his next attack as an electrical burst, dealing damage and slowing nearby units. Slow: 50% attack speed and 80% move speed. Lasts 0.6 seconds
Level 1 - Bonus damage: 30
Level 2 - Bonus damage: 45
Level 3 - Bonus damage: 60
Level 4 - Bonus damage: 75
AoE: 275
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Comment: Overload makes a great synergy with Electric Rave ! Be one of the heroes whose Attack Speed is highest, Raijin may cause to enemy AOE slow/purge effect every second.Remember this: Overload is non-orb effect and it 's not bad as many people thought. Stacked perfectly with E.Rave, Overload is superb HARASS tool!

Ball Lightning (G)
Storm Spirit becomes enveloped with energy, losing his physical form, and travels until he depletes his mana or reaches his target. While in this form, he deals damage to nearby units based on how far his electrical form has traversed. Damage, speed and area of effect improves per level.
Level 1 - 8 damage per 100 units traveled
Level 2 - 12 damage per 100 units traveled
Level 3 - 16 damage per 100 units traveled
Mana Cost:
Comment: [DS need some to updated frequently T_T because at lvl 3 Lightning Grapple has 1400 Cast Range]. This is one of the best ultimate skills in DotA if used properly ! Lightning Grapple is kind of mass AoE BLink/Swap/Hook which can make a lot of combo-kill which requires a lot of training ! Lightning Grapple Guide is separated section which is not for novice players due to its hardship of use ! No kidding T_T !
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PostSubject: Re: RAIJIN HERO IMBA...!!   RAIJIN HERO IMBA...!! Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 9:30 am

yeh bener banget ene replay raijin gw
ene pas waktu gw maen di server laen[maklum baru kenal server love]
gw lopa pake id chilles apa pucing
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